AC7000 DN4 High-temperature Foaming Agent, Azodicarbonamide (ADC) - Blowing Agent

Item No.: AC7000
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  AC Chemical Blowing Agent for rubber ,plastic  
Product Description
Rroduct name: Azodicarbonamide

Formula: C2H6N6O2
Molecular formula: 146.108
CAS No.: 123-77-3
Property : 
This foaming agent is produced after ultra-fining treatment and surface denaturing. It is widely used in the foaming of plastics for EVA, PE, PVC and many kinds of rubber, and it is suitable to hot-pressing foaming in EVA large or small mold and secondary foaming of PE.
Item No.: AC7000
Chemical component: Azodicarbonamide 
Appearance: light yellow powder
Decomposing Temperature (Celsius): 198~202
Gas Volume ml/g (STP): more than 220
Particle size (um): 3~5
Moisture: less than 0.3%
PH: 7.0~7.5

Technical Data Sheet:
Azodicarbonamide (AC 7000)
Molecular formula C2H4N4O2
Synonyms: 1,1'-azobisformamide; Azodicarboamide; Azobicarboxamide.
CAS No.: 123 -77-3
Description: Pale yellow fine powder. soluble in alkali; Insoluble in alcohol, gasolene, benzene and water.
Functional use: Foaming agent used in rubber, plastics etc.
Packing and storage: 25kg net in kraft bag with inner PE bag or in carton with inner PE bag. store in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Protected from heat and moistrue. Preserve in airtight containers.
Identification Conforms
Assay 97.0% Min
Gas-forming amount 220±5 ml/g
Decomposition temperature 207±5 ℃
AV. Partical size 3-5um
Heat Loss 0.10% Max
Ash(cont. dispersant) 0.10% Max
pH c6.5-7.5

Main application 
• Wallpapers
• Artificial leather
• PVC Foam board
• Thermal insulation material, cable insulation
• EVA rolls/sheets
• Carpet backings
• shoes soles

In 25kg/paper carton or drum for foaming blowing agent

The Max Loading Quantity:

20tons/20FCL (bag ); 

16tons/20FCL (paper carton) ;


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